25 percent? Really?

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
- John Quincy Adams


I am Heartbroken.

These midterms, they get under your skin, with all that cheesy low-level squabbling between candidates that's far more redolent of high school hazing than what one gets with a presidential election cycle. And between that bizarre noise made by conservative media that “women are breaking new ground in these elections” (which completely overlooks ground broken by Liberal women for decades), and the inclusion of some damned scary candidates out there, one particular bit of news rocked me to my core.

Orly lost.

You know: Orly Taitz - the Israeli transplant who, to this day, fails to recognize the fact Barack Obama is the president of the United States despite her claims he's Nigerian-born and unfit to run - was a campaign possible for secretary of State for California. She garnered 372,490 votes, not quite enough to knock her opponent Damon Dunn off the ballot with his 1,075,337 votes, but it still begs a question of elephantine importance: there are really three hundred and seventy-odd thousand Californians who voted for her? Holy shit, California is scary.

Meanwhile, I am devastated – in much the same way I feel Sarah Palin is a ticket killer the moment she ever runs for anything including tryouts for a local school play, Orly was another ticket killer, certain to bring the state's republican purview to it's knees despite her claim she would make certain all elected officials were legally viable candidates...just like what she did with Obama. Or not.

Sad, but at least now she can get back to what she does best: incurring fines for dropping off profoundly imbecilic legal filings in courtrooms everywhere.


  1. Sorry, Schuyler, but, keep in mind that good ol' Rand Paul is still out there, doing his thing! That's worth something, yes? ;-)

  2. Oh me god, I missed that one. 372,490 votes for that nutcase! The only consolation is that they probably would have voted for someone claiming to come from Mars.... On second thought where did Orly really come from? Perhpas it's an experiment to see how stupid earthlings are?

    Even scarier: you know she's a dentist, so I wonder if her voters would dare go to her to have their teeth fixed?