A ten second observation.

A quick question to Sarah Palin, BP, Tony Hayward, Bobby Jindal, Rush Limbaugh, pretty much the entire Tea Party and the vast majority of the tattered remains of the GOP:

So, how's that drilly-oily thing workin' out for ya?


  1. Schuyler, you aren't poking The Chosen One in the eyeball, are you? She's above such pettiness. She is our savior. And the Tea Party, her court. We'll all see, come November and then 2012 when she takes back this country!

    (excuse me while I go vomit...)

  2. If you really want your head to explode, google "oil gulf" plus one of those names. Or Brit Hume.

  3. Can I have a just a touch of water in my oil, or would it make my drink too expensive?

  4. Is the gusher the revenge of the dinosaurs? The ancient ones whose remains are supposed to have turned into oil, and of course their present reincarnations who keep on getting the older ones loose again.

    Look closely at Palin if you dare. What do you see beneath the pretty mask? Oh me god! It's the gorgons with a dinosaur's stare! Help!

  5. Smaggy: yes. I didn't choose her, and she's the best thing to happen to the GOP since Newt Gingrich. File her somewhere under "Political Buzzkill" and watch the remains scatter like roaches for the money.

    Brilliant: I googled "oil, gulf, Tony Hayward" to get here and my head already asplode all over. Remember tobacco executives? "I do not believe cigarettes are bad for you..." Denial isn't a river in Egypt: it is the path to fiscal responsibility to your shareholders.

    Kati: Sorry to disagree with you, sweetheart, but I think she ugly as a goddamn bucket of spiders.