One good turn...waiting for spring.

Ahh, spring cometh.  Messy posted older pics of pretty flowers - here are mine. Back in the day when I thought I would make a living as a photographer, I shot whatever I saw; usually badly, poorly lit, and even more poorly framed. Still, in the spirit of welcoming warmer days ahead, here are my scans. I think all of these were shot on slide film (Fuji Provia 50), and scanned on an old Nikon Coolscan II.

Never too late to ask for spring, huh?


  1. All right. Jealous now. You are a LOT better at the photo thing than I am. They're gorgeous.

    I know you're going to be all right, big guy. Courage, mon brave!

  2. All gorgeous ~ I like the stark ones better than the wedding-y ones ~ the digitalis! ~ but that bottom one is my absolute favorite. Very Georgia O'Keeffe.

    You know Mermaid is with you in spirit, Bro.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    Also, even lurkers like me are rooting for you. Best wishes Mr. Cat.

  4. Oh Schuyler, those are gorgeous!
    I particularly love the way you highlight some neat detail and the slight dreamy fuzziness of the background.

    Don't give up your art....

    ..and to hell with the thieving mortgage creeps!